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Weight Loss program - offering a comprehensive weight loss program including an exercise program, weight loss pills and a weight loss diet plan.
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(Lose weight fast with an effective weight loss diet program.)



Any serious diet should should begin with a serious weight loss program. you should make a zealous effort to continually develop and evolve eating strategies and a exercise program that promote weight loss.

Devise your own easy to follow eating program based on moderation, variety and balance. This strategy is the only way the nutritional plan will continue for life. There is no one set plan for any given individual however, these are the facts:


To lose weight, fewer calories must be consumed than expended; to maintain weight loss, the number of calories consumed and expended should be approximately equal:

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Consuming reduced-fat, low-fat and fat-free products is not enough to succeed in losing and maintaining weight loss. You must be very conscientious concerning their daily consumption of calories. Education is key, individuals should learn how to eat foods that are naturally low in fat (not foods that have not been processed, replacing the fat with a high caloric sugars).

The more foods are processed, equates to the increased fiber and bulk that have been excised, thus, the more calories per gram. For, example it is now three in the afternoon, the satiety from lunch has long since faded and it is time for a snack. When you reach into the refrigerator and grab a bottle of advertised “fat-free” apple juice and within ten seconds the juice is gone but the appetite still lingers. You have just consumed some 165 calories (of his/her allotted 2,000 calories for the day). This glass of juice could have been substituted with a glass of water (zero calories) and an apple (65 calories). You would then have enjoyed the satiating effect while the digestive system processed the apple.



Human Growth Hormone Supplements and Weight Loss
(Adding HGH supplements to a healthy weight loss diet program.)

As one of the doctors responsible for the development of the herbal supplements offered by Physicians Select I am quite frequently asked; Which produces quicker weight loss the Physicians Select Weight Loss Supplement or the Physicians Select Human Growth Hormone Supplement? The answer is both the Physicians Select Weight Loss Supplement and the Physicians Select Human Growth Hormone Supplement should be used simultaneously. Both supplements contain different ingredients that will assist you in accomplishing your weight loss goals.

Fortunately, the sales and marketing division of Physician Select Herbal Supplements under the encouragement of the physicians offer specials in which individuals can receive a free bottle of Physicians Select Weight Loss Supplement or Physicians Select Human Growth Hormone Supplement depending on the nature of their order at no additional cost to the patient
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Physicians Select Weight Loss Supplement offers many benefits including the following:

Significant weight loss - the proprietary blend of herbal ingredients in Physicians Select Weight Loss Supplement have enabled individuals to lose considerable weight. Please review the comprehensive information concerning the proprietary blend of herbs in our weight loss supplement.

Natural appetite suppressant - Physicians Select Weight Loss Supplement contains natural appetite suppressants that naturally stimulate the hypothalamus region in the brain which helps the autonomic nervous system decrease your appetite.

Fat blocker - Physicians Select Weight Loss Supplement has naturally occurring fat blockers that are capable of attracting and binds 4-6 times their own weight in fat. Once the herb is bound to a fatty acid the fatty acid becomes a macromolecule that can no longer be digested. Therefore, the fat is expelled in the stool and very few fat calories are consumed.

Carbohydrate blocker - Physicians Select Weight Loss Supplement contains the active ingredient, hydroxyl citric acid (HCA), that effects the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. The conversion of carbohydrates into fat requires an enzyme called citrate lyase. Physicians Select Weight Loss Supplement temporarily reduces the action of this enzyme (citrate lyase), blocking the conversion of carbohydrates into fatty acids making less fat available for cellular storage.

Thermogenic properties (increased metabolism) - Physicians Select Weight Loss Supplement contains Ephedra which has the ability to increase the basal metabolic rate (BMR), enabling the body to burn more calories. Ephedra increases thermogenesis by stimulating the release of norepinephrine and epinephrine a class of hormones known as catecholamines.

Natural diuretic - Physicians Select Weight Loss Supplement contains herbs that act as a natural diuretic helping to eliminate excessive water in the body, decreasing both an individual's blood pressure and weight.

Cholesterol lowering properties - the antioxidants in Green Tea are beneficial in lowering cholesterol hence preventing cardiovascular disease.

Improved Mental Acuity - our weight loss supplement also has Siberian Ginseng which primary constituent is eleutheroside. These eleutherosides act as an adaptogen or agent that allows the body to cope with stress by supporting the adrenal gland function. In addition, ehe eleutherosides have been shown to enhance physical endurance and mental acuity without the letdown that is so commonly associate with most caffeinated products.

Physicians Select Human Growth Hormone Supplements offers many benefits including anti-aging properties, however, the supplement can also promote weight loss in the following ways:

Weight Loss - increases in the metabolism to former highs selectively reducing fat deposits in the area of the abdomen, hips, waist and thighs. Subjects in the Rudman study experienced a 14.4% decrease in body fat and an increase in lean muscle mass of 8.8%, all within months.

Lipid (fat) metabolism - Human Growth Hormone enhances the utilization of fat by stimulating triglyceride breakdown and oxidation in fat cells. Fat cells (adipocytes) have growth hormone receptors. Human Growth Hormone stimulates these receptors to cause the break down of triglycerides suppressing their ability to absorbed, promoting weight loss.

Improves Exercise Level While Promoting Lean Muscle Mass - medical studies have shown that positive results occur only while Human Growth Hormone is being secreted by the body. Human Growth Hormone significantly increases the effects of exercise and muscle mass including: energy, stamina, endurance and muscle strength.

Increases Energy - Human Growth Hormone can have a profound effect on increasing energy and a sense of well-being. Human Growth Hormone can reinvigorate the mind and also reverse the attitudes and expectations associated with aging. These properties also result in an improved level of self confidence.

You Must Count Calories To Lose Weight
Counting calories will allow you to lose weight.)

Snacking between meals is probably the most detrimental aspect to any diet; the key to success is to find snack foods that are palatable, high in bulk/fiber, and low in calories. Back to the apple, when is the last time you sat down and snacked on say two or three apples at one sitting? However, you could sit down and easily consume 10-15 reduced-fat Oreo cookies with a glass of milk comprising some 950 calories or almost half of an individuals daily allotment of calories. The difference is the apple is more filling secondary to the bulk and fiber as compared to cookies with their high sugar content and subsequent high-density calories.


Be Prepared to Eat Low Calorie Foods
(Have low calorie foods with you.)

You must also learn how to be prepared so you do not set themselves up for failure. Individuals should always have a nutritious low calorie snack available. Do not expect to find something appropriate to eat in a vending machine or at the convenient store around the corner because you will inevitably end up with a bag of Doritos and a Coke.

The consumption of alcohol represents another hurdle for many individuals. Alcoholic beverages are full of “empty calories.” One beer contain approximately 150 calories; the same quantity of light beer contains 105 calories. A glass of wine or shot of 80 proof distilled alcohol contains around 100 calories. If a you were to only consume one beer or one glass of wine over the course of the evening you weight loss program would probably stay intact. However, this is rarely the case, alcohol decreases your inhibitions so once you have consumed one drink it usually results in another. After a couple of drinks an your will power decreases and you will often indulge in poor eating habits straying away from your health weight loss program.

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I am not suggesting giving up drinking completely, that would be an unrealistic goal. However, you should develop techniques to reduce your alcoholic intake. For example, if your occupation requires you to entertain individuals several times per week, first have a nutritious light meal prior to arriving at the function. Next, make your drink of choice a glass of water with a slice of lemon. Arriving at the function on a semi-full stomach and refraining from alcohol will assist tremendously in keeping your will power in check while maintaining your healthy weight loss program.