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(State of the art manufacturing facility producing the highest quality supplements.)

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Physicians' Select Natural Supplements Manufacturing Facility
(Eight years experience manufacturing quality natural supplements.)


herbal product manufacturing facilityPhysicians’ Select Natural Supplements offers only formulations that have been derived from a multitude of laboratory tests and clinical studies along with advise from our extensive staff of physicians, herbal specialist, PhD’s, pharmacists, and chemists. All of our raw materials must pass stringent quality controls before they are utilized. In addition, we use only those precursor materials that are of the highest quality that pass our in house quality inspection.

Our facility has been in operation for over seventeen years manufacturing dietary supplements, natural foods, personal health care products and over the counter medications. We are one of the few manufacturing facilities that adhere to the following criteria:

The manufacturing facility was designed specifically to manufacture products from the receipt of raw material to the final shipping of the finished supplement. Each area of the manufacturing facility organized to prevent confusion and/or mistakes during the production process.

The manufacturing facility has the following specific areas allocated for the production process:

The facility also adheres to strict sanitation protocols to ensure that the building is exceptionally clean and free from insects and rodents. All of the blending, compounding, tablet forming, encapsulation, powder and liquid manufacturing areas have state of the art air circulation systems to prevent excessive dust accumulation, contamination by microorganisms or cross ventilation.

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Quality Control
(Unprecidented quality control to ensure the most effective natural supplements.)

herbal supplement manufacturing facilityAll raw materials are tested for purity prior to production. Quality control engineers have the authority to reject any product during any stage of production that does not adhere to our strict quality standards. All personnel follow explicit written protocols that are strictly enforced during the manufacturing process. All steps during the manufacturing process are documented and reviewed by quality control specialist. Manufacturing equipment is properly maintained and cleaned on a predetermined schedule which is documented in company logs for review by the Department of Agriculture. This helps to ensure the absence of any contamination during the manufacturing process. Production records associated with each unit of a product including all raw materials used are filed for two years past the expiration date.

Further quality control is demonstrated in the following manner:

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Manufacturing Guidelines
(The most stringent guidelines to ensure quality supplements.)


herbal supplement manufacturing guidelines
In addition to the above outlined protocols for the physical aspect of the manufacturing facility. Physicians' Select Herbal Supplements also adheres to the following manufacturing guidelines to ensure the utmost quality control:


All of Physicians' Select Natural Supplements are manufactured using Good Manufacturing Practices. In addition, both scheduled and surprise inspections by the quality control staff during different aspects of the manufacturing process help to ensure specific quality, strength and purity for both the raw materials and the finished supplements.

If you should have any questions or suggestions concerning the information mentioned above please feel free to contact us.

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