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Physcians Select Herbal Supplement Guarantee
(Order risk free with our unconditional guarantee.)

Physicians’ Select Herbal Supplements offers an unconditional product guarantee on all of our supplements.

“You can buy with confidence, knowing that if your not completely satisfied with your order when it arrives, you can return it for a prompt exchange or refund of the product price. Consider it our way of saying thank you for your support."


Physicians' Select Herbal Supplements Unconditional Guarantee

We have based our business on the belief that a company is measured by the way they treat their customers as well as the quality of the product they deliver. So with every order, we make this promise our business is generated from repeat orders so we understand just how important it is to offer quality supplements with exceptional customer service.

Physicians’ Select Herbal Weight Loss Supplements were developed by a team of healthcare professionals including licensed doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, PhD's, chemists and herbal specialist who are very proud of their final products. Careful research and development has been implemented so our weight loss supplements would contain the ingredients that would be most beneficial to promote fast weight loss. Our staff realizes that each individual is unique and a host of other factors can contribute to the effectiveness of our herbal weight loss  supplements i.e. preexisting medical conditions, psychological issues, individual metabolism, etc.

Therefore, it would be unrealistic to think that our supplements are going to improve the quality of life for 100% of our clients. This is why we offer our guarantee to you the consumer who has entrusted us with your health.

If the weight loss supplement does not provide the results you anticipated please we will get you in touch with a licensed doctor who will assist you in developing an effective weight loss plan.

If you still are not reaching your weight loss goals we will arrange for you to return the unused portion of the weight loss supplement for a full refund of the supplement price. Please include a brief note concerning why you feel the herbal weight loss supplement was not beneficial. Our staff reviews the data from all returned items so we can continue to develop and improve our herbal supplement line.

The staff at Physicians' Select Herbal Supplements would like to thank you for choosing one of the most trusted names in herbal supplements. Physicians' Select Herbal Supplements – offers formulations that have been derived from a multitude of laboratory tests and clinical studies along with advise from licensed doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, PhD's, chemists and herbal specialist. We use only those precursor materials that are of the highest quality and all of our raw materials must pass stringent quality controls before they are utilized.

Physician Select Herbal Weight Loss Supplements are guaranteed with an unconditional full refund of the product price if you are not completely satisfied with the results. Our doctors encourage the use of our supplements for at least three full months. They also stress the importance of compliance or the willingness to follow a prescribed course of treatment. Individuals who have followed the prescribed Physicians' Select program and take the appropriate dose of the herbal weight loss supplements. The fast majority of our clients that are compliant with the weight loss supplements have been very successful in achieving their weight loss goals. This is why we can offer an unconditional no risk money back guarantee because we rarely if ever have to refund a customer.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the purchase or the results of our supplements we will offer you an exchange, credit or refund equivalent to the original product price. In order to maintain the high quality synonymous with Physicians' Select Herbal Supplements we simply ask that you complete the following form so our quality assurance associates can review your case.

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